The DNC's Best Bet is Joe Biden

As of March 7th, the Democratic Party is split between two potential nominees for the 2020 presidential election: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. While House Representative Tulsi Gabbard remains in the race, she continues to poll close to 1% in most states, and likely only remains in the race for the purpose of publicity to further another agenda. (Two CNN anchors speculate that Gabbard continues her campaign in order to secure a position as a Fox News anchor.) The question remains: Who would be the better candidate to nominate in the interest of defeating President Trump in 2020? Without a doubt, I believe that Biden is the only candidate that has a chance of winning the presidency, and it would be a grave mistake for the Democrats to nominate Sanders.

When it comes down to it, the vast majority of the American people don’t care about the ruthless political games that occur in Washington; most Americans simply want to get on with their lives without political strife interfering with their daily lives. Ever since Donald Trump’s election, we’ve seen less and less of that. The country is arguably more polarized than it’s ever been, and a study conducted by Lee Siegel of the New York Times indicated that much of the American population has been experiencing anxiety and depression ever since the election results of 2016, thanks in large part due to how controversial the president’s actions are, and whether they place America in a precarious position.

You may be asking, “How does this relate to the likeliness of Biden or Sanders being elected to office?” Bernie Sanders undoubtedly would bring a great deal of controversy to the Oval Office as Trump has. His borderline radical Democratic-Socialist ideals continue to leave many Americans hesitant about casting their support for him. Not to mention, his ideals have created a rift within the Democratic Party between those who believe his policies stray too far from the Party’s conventional ideals, and those who steadfastly support him. (Similarly to the rift between Trump supporters, and Republicans that oppose him.)

Biden is a familiar face to all of America; having been Obama’s Vice President for eight years. To many Americans, Obama’s presidency represents a time before the wave of political polarization that came to office with Donald Trump. In that respect, Joe Biden is a reassuring face to many Democrats that want nothing more than for Trump’s presidency to end. In addition, Biden’s relatively moderate views would not only appeal to Democrats hesitant to stand behind Sanders’ Democratic-Socialist views, but also to the Republicans who supported Trump’s opposition in the primaries.

Supporters of Sanders often cite the 2016 election as the best reason to nominate Sanders, for when the Democrats nominated the moderate Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump still came out on top. However, this argument does not take into account the fact that Clinton was facing heavy controversy at the time due to the scandal that arose from her private email server. While Biden has suffered blows to his name, does not have the same negative tie to his name.

It’s understandable that Democrats would be less than eager to repeat their steps in the 2020 election; However I sincerely believe that nominating Sanders would be the single biggest mistake for the Democrats to make. His radical views are very likely to steer members of his own party away from casting their vote for him, and the party would be much too fractured to elect him to office. The only way for the Democrats to come out on top is to learn from mistakes the Republican party has made: By electing Trump, the Republicans are straying from much of their original ideals, and are losing their more moderate supporters as a result. Their party’s division could lead to their downfall this November, but not if the Democrats make the same mistake by nominating Sanders to represent them.