Which States Flipped this Cycle?

The electoral vote difference in the 2020 election stands to be exactly the same as it was in 2016: 306-232, (although the final tally in 2016 was 304-227 due to seven faithless electors) obviously, the party recipients were reversed, and multiple states flipped to secure the victory for Joe Biden; Let’s address those:

Wisconsin flipped from red to blue this year, which was not a shocker as the polls had Biden leading by double digits for the months leading up to the election, Wisconsin going red for the first time since 1984 appeared to be a one-off.

Michigan flipped from red to blue, this was one of the most secure swing states for Biden, as Trump pulled ad spending out of the state several weeks before the election in order to allocate more money into Florida and Ohio.

Pennsylvania flipped from red to blue, this was a key state and was considered a ‘must win’ for Trump, although it was an uphill battle for the president due to the state being the birthplace of Joe Biden. In the weeks leading up to the race, the situation looked better for Trump as much of the state’s economy is dependent on fracking, which Trump alleged that Biden wanted to outlaw in the state.

Arizona flipped from red to blue, Arizona is traditionally considered a solid red state. This was the first state to flip on election night, and when the call was made by Fox in the early hours of November 4th, many Trump supporters became worried for the first time that night. The McCain family’s endorsement of Joe Biden was undoubtedly a large factor in the conservative state flipping, as residents of the state widely revere the late Senator and war hero.

Georgia flipped from red to blue, many consider this to be the most unpredictable call of the night, as Georgia has not gone blue since the days of Jimmy Carter, during which he was Governor of the state. The state’s flipping was thanks in large part due to a spike in voter turnout, specifically in the urban city of Atlanta. Georgia is once again finding itself in the national spotlight, for control of the United States Senate all comes down to the Peach State in the January 5th runoff elections. With the vote total on November 3rd only separated by a few thousand votes, both parties are pulling out all the stops this month.