The Problem with #SettleForBiden

Democratic Candidate, and former Mayor, Michael Bloomberg proclaimed at the Nevada Democratic debate in Las Vegas last November, “I can’t think of any better way for Donald Trump to get re-elected than listening to this (conversation); This is ridiculous!”

Bloomberg’s statement certainly holds true in today’s political climate, but for an entirely different reason: Ever since Joe Biden became the presumptive Democratic Nominee, a coalition of progressive Democrats, particularly young ones, have taken to social media to endorse his campaign. However, “endorsement” is an interesting term to use, considering that #SettleForBiden is the compelling message that they have chosen to work with. This term is actively harming Joe Biden’s chances, and it seems that much of the base is more willing to accept a re-election of Donald Trump than to cut their losses and unite behind the Democratic nominee. Setting aside the argument that Joe Biden is one of the most progressive nominees we’ve ever had, this type of slogan only does more harm than good.

At the same time, Democrats are advocating the importance of voting in presidential elections, citing that nearly half of the eligible population did not vote in the 2016 general election, which gave way for Trump’s election. If the party is working to defeat Donald Trump, messages such as these do not send a message to the hundreds of millions of people that cannot be bothered to vote. Picture this: You have Democratic ideals, but have decided not to partake in past elections due to the belief that your vote will not truly matter in the end. All across social media and the internet, you see Democrats trying to convince you and millions of others who did not vote to take a stand against Trump this time around. With what message do they choose to do this? “Settle for Biden!” “We’re only months away from mediocrity! “ OK fine, Biden 2020!” No voter will be filled with encouragement to take a stand against immorality with messages like these, Democrats who tout this message are only sabotaging their chances at defeating Donald Trump.

While in 2016 there was a large coalition of Sanders’ supporters that outright refused to support Hillary Clinton, due to a rumor circulating about the DNC being rigged in Clinton’s favor, at the very least, the majority party was able to unite behind Clinton and her hopeful promises about finally “breaking the glass ceiling.” With Joe Biden we can only expect that type of enthusiasm from moderate Democrats who supported Joe Biden from the very beginning. If the Democratic party refuses to become united and make the same mistake as they did in 2016, they will fail to persuade those who didn’t vote last time, leave much of their base apathetic, and concede the election.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being unhappy with a nominee. There were a lot of exciting candidates that came into the limelight over the past two years, and every candidate put up a great fight and instilled hope in a lot of people with the promise of defeating Trump and rebuilding the country. Joe Biden’s moderate views on climate change, prison reform, and immigration have reasonably left many progressives disappointed. However I sincerely believe that this continued refusal to accept the party’s nomination and be on a united front will cost the Democrats the election once again. If Donald Trump wins this November, it will already be too late. I encourage everybody reading: Do not use this ludicrous slogan that is “#SettleForBiden.” Endorse Joe Biden with the same passionate energy that you would if Biden were your first-choice candidate, and we might be able to defeat Donald Trump, having learned from our mistake of splitting off from our own party’s nominee. To quote President Abraham Lincoln, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”