Is There a Doctor in the Senate?

(Edited by Nathaniel Soule and Dr. Liviu Saimovici)

In this time of crisis, our state’s Senators are having to constantly make important decisions regarding public health measures. Knowing this, it might surprise New Yorkers to know that their state’s Senate is devoid of anybody with medical experience. A recent poll shows that approximately 78% of New Yorkers believe that we should have a medical professional’s voice in the State Senate immediately Albany needs a Senator with a deep knowledge of medicine and science, who can bring sensible solutions to complex problems, without political bias The citizens of New York have spoken and now is the prime opportunity for change. It is time for a doctor to bring balance back to Albany. We live in an age when our need for medical expertise in our nation’s leaders is the most dire it’s been in 100 years. Unfortunately, you will not find any of the expertise we need if you go knocking on the door of the New York State Capitol building. A battle is currently raging in the Senate over healthcare funding. The decisions made by the Senate on this matter are going to impact each and every one of us.  In a normal year, New Yorkers are collectively taxed $50 billion on healthcare alone. As if that isn’t bad enough, the new “normal” may rise to more than twice that amount. This radical change in healthcare spending is being contested by Senators with not a day’s worth of advanced medical training or public health experience. We need to change that here and now! Dr. Liviu Saimovici will be that change. NY State is the global epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic and we were caught woefully unprepared, How did this happen? A lack of a coherent and comprehensive response from Albany is how. It’s up to us now: The states must  Take initiative in being the first line of defense in fighting this pandemic and any future threats to public health. Once in Albany, Dr. Liv plans to bring an entrepreneurial approach to healthcare policy. Some of his ideas to accomplish this feat include: Modernizing our healthcare system by using leading-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence to solve supply-chain problems and quicken medical diagnoses; Calling for a more coordinated effort for acquiring and maintaining the proper levels of PPE – gowns, masks and ventilators; Dedicating his professional efforts to organize and implement virus testing and contact tracing; Calling on local municipalities and Westchester County to give relief to taxpayers on late property tax payments and penalties; Demanding that the State increase funding for distance-learning capabilities in our schools – better internet and Wi-Fi infrastructure in under-connected communities, Zoom-like technologies accessible to all and individual electronic student notebooks. Dr. Liv won’t be campaigning as one normally would: No knocking on doors, no meeting the voters one-on-one. The battle instead will be fought over the air waves –  by email, social media, and cable TV. Dr. Liv, as an electrical engineer, understands the paramount importance of dedicating his efforts to issues that require effective solutions that will help the most people. In this time of crisis where public health is being debated, and technology is becoming increasingly imbedded in everyday life, Dr. Liv is the person with experience, know-how, and intellectual ability that we need. He needs *you* behind him in his effort to restore balance to Albany. Please consider making a financial show of support for the campaign. Visit his website and consider giving what you can spare. Dr. Liv hopes that he can count on your support in our fight to bring a doctor to the Senate.